Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ladybug Knitting Chart Pattern

This cute little ladybug would look great on just about anything. Took me a while to get the spots just right, in the end I think they turned out okay. You can always move them around or add more for your knitting project.


  1. sure would appreciate some help.
    I have knitted "normal" for 50 years, and have a extremely difficult time trying to figure out patterns on the web by chart, not by
    Row 1: K1, P6 ....

    any ideas please????
    Thanks so very much for your patterns :) :)

  2. how did you make your gorgeous patterns; I have been working on some but I get confused when I mind goes wild to make more because I try to visualise how the big the creation will be when knitting it. I see it in my head as being small. Will this depends on how big the chart is how big YOU perceive to make it

  3. I love the lady bug pattern,we call my youngest granddaughter "ladybugg". I will be making this for her in a crochet pattern.